Air Max


The Air Max seat by NecksGen is our most versatile seat. Putting driver comfort options at the forefront of it's feature list, the Air Max is designed to keep you cool and comfortable in whatever you drive. 
Included with the Air Max seat are 5 easily removable pads to allow you to configure your fit for your body type and height. There are 2 upper back (lat) pads, 2 lower (hip) pads, and a 2" spacer cushion that can be used or removed as needed to sit you centered in the seat. Measurements shown on the chart are with the pads removed.
The Air Max also includes mounting holes for those who want to utilize the rear upper mounts behind the seat for extra stiffening and added safety. 
Want air? Upgrade to the Air Mesh back pad and it adds more breathability to the area at your lower back. Combine the Air Mesh back pad with the DIY blower kit or connect your own air conditioner or pumper to either of the 1.75" holes in the back of the seat.